Make Goods


The process of returning your property to its pre-lease condition goes under many names such as Stripout, Defit and of course, Make Good. Whatever you prefer to call it, we are your solution. Brisbane Make Goods offer a complete turnkey solution that takes care of the entire make good process.  We take the hassle out of dealing with numerous contractors making the process simple ensuring ‘One contact; all Trades’ and we ensure the project is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Brisbane Make Goods:

  • Liaise directly with the tenant and the property manager/landlord to ensure that the scope of works meets all requirements and all works are carried out in compliance with the building’s “Tenancy Fit Out Guide” and “House Rules”
  • Ensure all works are undertaken with consideration and minimal disruption to other tenants and the general public
  • Undertake all work in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations.  We provide a safe work environment for sub-contractors, customers, visitors and the public.

A scope of works for a make good project will typically include:

  • The removal of furniture and fittings
  • Removal of all tenant installed partitions
  • Painting walls to original colour codes
  • Replacing/restoring floor coverings as required
  • Removal of all tenant installed power and data cabling and provide certification on completion
  • Restoring fire and mechanical services to original base building layout
  • Reconfiguring and replacing lighting/exit and emergency lighting back to base building layout and provide certification on completion
  • Repairing/replacement of grid ceilings
  • Thorough cleaning of all internal and external areas

Make Goods are necessary, the obligations of the tenant and the rights of the landlord regarding repair and make good are invariably covered contractually by the terms of the lease and property condition report. How well you’ve maintained the property and, more importantly, what modifications you’ve made to the property, will determine how much work needs to be completed to return the property to its pre-lease condition.

Brisbane Make Goods has the experience and the skilled tradesmen to plan and manage your entire project to make it as stress free as possible.